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History Of Coffee

In recent years, the specialty coffee trend has become prominent among the coffee enthusiasts community, turning the enjoyment of that aromatic, bitter drink into a culture. When you visit specialty coffee shops or come across coffee articles, you may see such terms as third-wave, blend, single origin, artisan, cupping, etc. For those who are in the coffee sector, these languages are rather similar, but for others, they are quite difficult to reach. So,

It’s quite common to catch the phrase Specialty Coffee appearing densely on coffee websites today. This exists as a concept that affirms the quality of selected coffee beans in their own right, which also means they must pass a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or a licensed Q Grader (CQI) in each stage. Existing for more than four decades, with its distinctive quality and class, the Specialty Coffee market quickly developed and won the

As one of the areas with the first coffee shops in the world, no surprise that Persian coffee culture has gone through different stages corresponding to the historical upheaval of the country; from the initial introduction in the 9th century, A.C to the most prosperous period during Safavid dynasty (16th century) among workers, artisans, and merchants; following that are the years of certain variations in the way Iranians brew and enjoy a

Place the super-finely coffee in a cezve pot and heat in the sand, no stirring or adding milk during the brewing process, to create a liquid as black as hell and as sweet as true love, yes, that's all about the unique Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee-drinking culture dates back to nearly a decade, but since the ban on alcoholic beverages, the drink has been more thriving, even becoming a UNESCO intangible