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In the context of the whole world is booming with hundreds of different coffee shops, from commercial, traditional to specialty ones. London, apparently, also includes numerous great coffee shops for a good caffeine fix and quick bites. Here is a compilation of the best cafes in London where you can restfully enjoy delicious drinks and street views.Origin CoffeeAddress: 65 Charlotte Road Shoreditch, LondonTucked away on a quiet road, with little car traffic,

After 10 years of exporting and nearly 5 years of opening a representative office in China, Trung Nguyen Legend - Vietnam's leading coffee brand, officially opened their first global coffee store at Taikoo Hui Trade Center, Shanghai on September 21, 2022. Exquisite, meditative, and full of Vietnamese traditions are what we feel when visiting this place.Trung Nguyen Legend, Vietnam’s iconic coffeeLaunched in 1996, within just 5 years, from a small factory in

Counted as the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto is truly a great place to learn about the country's past through magnificent temples and palaces, while also seeing modern features through the city’s long walking streets and shopping spots in busy local markets. If you want to stop by for a cup of hot lava and experience the vibrant coffee scene, don't forget to check out the 5 best coffee shops in Kyoto

Coffee shops are often considered a popular spot for people to enjoy a delicious cup of joe or a quick bite while chatting with friends, however, today's cafe space is gradually being more diversified to suit customers' tastes. If you are looking for high-end places with premium appetites, don't miss the list of the world's most luxurious cafes below!Antico Caffè Greco, RomeAddress: Via Dei Condotti 86, Rome, ItalyOpen in 1760, Antico Caffe

Existing for more than 80 years and considered the oldest coffee shop in the middle of prosperous Saigon, Cheo Leo entertains guests with coffee made from rackets and mini clay pots as an ancient Chinese brewing style. It is the special process that makes the cafe a must-visit place in the city. Sitting roadside on little stools with locals all around, while enjoying the authentic coffee and the buzz at the alley

Even though as a bustling city with numerous skyscrapers amidst lavish lights, Saigon has no shortage of old buildings from hundreds of years ago that keep precious memories of its own development journey. A few places have been degraded and razed to make way for new modern office buildings, while some are still in use and transformed with different shops and cafes. At a time when you need a lyrical, vintage space

Have you ever pictured yourself paying for sitting at a coffee shop, doing nothing but looking at the forest trees or even yourself in a mirror? Now, everything can be true in South Korea. The cafe forms with the common point of chairs always towards the view of nature, instead of facing each other for guests to chat, seems to be increasingly spread gradually in the country. Not only Green Lab -

Paris has more than 1500 cafes and restaurants, from popular to luxurious in well-known tourist areas, such as Champs Elysee, Opéra, Grands Boulevards, Saint-Michel. Still, the most symbolic style to spot here is Terrasses de cafe - also known as sidewalk coffee shops that serve as a city's hub of social and culinary life. Parisians are inherently slow-paced - they like to comfortably sit there reading morning newspapers, sipping a cup of

Built in Buon Ma Thuot - one of Vietnam's big coffee cities, The World Coffee Museum plays an even more vital role in presenting a lively museum displaying and storing things related to coffee culture. This is a product of Trung Nguyen Coffee Group that carries the great idea of a brand-new museum concept. That being said, the place features an open exhibition space where visitors can interact with their five senses

After the first cafe Régence opened in 1688 around the Palais-Royal area, and the Café Procope, operated one year later, on the left bank of the Seine river, the cafe culture quickly became an iconic part of Paris. Today, coffee shops are present all over the city and serve the customers with distinctive characteristics in such neighborhoods; for example, a place for students gathering, a place mainly for tourists, a place of