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October 2022

The coffee world in Vietnam is always amazingly diverse. If Hanoi is famous for Egg Coffee, and in Saigon, it must be Iced Milk Coffee or sometimes Coconut Coffee, then Hue people also have their own special coffee drink, Salt Coffee, which has existed over the past 10 years. This slightly salty and bitter coffee is dripped from a typical Vietnamese filter, which means it will take a while for the coffee to

Decaffeinated Coffee, or Decaf Coffee, is ideal for those who still want to enjoy the taste of coffee without experiencing the stimulant effects of caffeine - like feeling jittery, heart palpitations, and insomnia. However, you still need to be aware of the appropriate dose and time to drink coffee to avoid affecting your health. What is Decaf Coffee? Decaf coffee, short for decaffeinated coffee, is coffee that has had its caffeine removed. Broadly understood,

Unlike how Americans enjoy convenient paper coffee cups or formal like the Japanese tea ceremony, Fika is a harmonious combination between the American fast coffee culture and the Japanese flair. Fika is something so Swedish! How this Viking descendant enjoys a cup of coffee is not simply a break, but it also represents an entire country's way of life. What is Fika? In Swedish, "Fika" literally means "drinking coffee". However, this Nordic people's coffee

After 10 years of exporting and nearly 5 years of opening a representative office in China, Trung Nguyen Legend - Vietnam's leading coffee brand, officially opened their first global coffee store at Taikoo Hui Trade Center, Shanghai on September 21, 2022. Exquisite, meditative, and full of Vietnamese traditions are what we feel when visiting this place. Trung Nguyen Legend, Vietnam’s iconic coffee Launched in 1996, within just 5 years, from a small factory in