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Trung Nguyen Legend officially opened a representative office in Korea

After the official store in Shanghai – China, Trung Nguyen Legend Group officially opened a representative office in Gangnam, Seoul on March 28, 2023.

Korea, a potential market for Trung Nguyen Legend

Korea is famous as a country with a unique coffee culture, a potential market, ripe with a strong growth rate. Enjoying coffee is a familiar image that happens all the time in the morning, noon, or evening at home or when going to work, school, going on a date, or in meetings to chat and exchange.

In 2022, according to the National Council of Korea Consumer Organization, the average Korean drinks 367 cups of coffee per year, ranking 2nd in the world and more than double the global average.

The opening event of Trung Nguyen Legend representative office at 145 Dosan-daero, Gangnam area, Seoul, Korea marks the next strong development step of the leading Vietnamese coffee brand here, continuing the journey of promoting the world’s best Robusta coffee beans oversea.

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Trung Nguyen Legend brings nostalgia to the heart of Gangnam

Not simply an office like many other businesses, but when coming to the land of kimchi, Trung Nguyen Legend also brings the image of Vietnamese people in harmony with Korean culture.

Trung Nguyen’s representative office is an old house with the typical Hanok architecture of Korea. And, in Korean culture, houses with such designs are not only excellent in terms of aesthetics but also represent life in harmony with people and nature. This meaning inevitably makes us think of the image of communal houses in the sunny and windy Central Highlands – this is the starting place of the Vietnamese coffee brand Trung Nguyen Legend.

The group continues to introduce three world coffee civilizations

Trung Nguyen Legend introduces different styles of coffee enjoyment according to three world coffee civilizations, which are:

  • Physical Coffee (the entire physical value chain of the coffee industry from research, cultivation, processing, and enjoyment; from raw coffee to refined coffee; from packaged coffee to viewing space, and enjoy consuming coffee at home).
  • Spirit Coffee (all artistic and artistic elements to express and accompany coffee; cultural and spiritual values that make up coffee).
  • Social Coffee (the connection and creativity of coffee users and their positive or negative impact on the overall development of society).

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