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Japan is famous for its high-class teas, however, coffee has also long existed in the lives of the people here. Besides many modern third-wave coffee houses, Kissaten, old-fashioned interior cafes, will make you feel like traveling back to the Showa era with cups of coffee brewed in the traditional way, along with that are laid back enjoying a cake in a smoky atmosphere.What is Kissaten?When Japan's Sakoku policy came to an end

Upgraded from the hot version, cool coffee provides refreshment and also an inspiration for different versions to come - including Cold Brew, Iced Coffee, and Flash Brew. Whichever drink you're familiar with, make sure it's different from the other two. It's hard to say which is better, but from the origin to the preparation process and the taste of each, there is a certain difference. Let’s check it out!DefinitionCold Brew refers to

With the principle of pouring hot water over the coffee grounds in a filter, and the water filtering through the coffee falls into a pitcher or cup, it sounds Pour Over a simple manual coffee brewing method; still, is it really so? In fact, it requires quite careful preparation of incubation time, pouring technique, and extraction ratio; or more precisely, the baristas need to have high personal skills. Therefore, this makes Pour

Neapolitan coffee pot, also known as cuccuma or cuccumella, has become a cult in Italia, especially in Central and South of the country. This metal two-floor tool basically is a drip brew coffee maker using the gravity to steam water through coffee, resulting in rather transparent coffee with more pleasant flavor compared to Espresso and Mocha.Where did Neapolitan coffee pot come from?Let’s take a step back in time to 1819, when the

Along with watching the coffee slowly drop to the glass jar below and enjoying the freshly-extracted delicate flavor, Siphon goes beyond the need of simply making a clean cup of joe but becomes an artful experiment. In Japan, Siphon coffee brewing is brought to a high level of art with creativity in mixing and measuring ingredients. Americans have also been so fascinated with the Siphon gadget that they even created their own

No electricity or batteries needed, just one manual push on the giant cylinder with the filter in the drain, and we'll have a good homemade one-off cup of coffee just within 30 seconds. All thanks to Aeropress! Invented in 2005, later than other brewing methods, but Aeropress soon became one of the inspiring artisan coffee icons in the world. The tool is also popular for travelers or busy officers because of its

If you need a little caffeine in the morning but don't want to go to the coffee shop during a serious epidemic situation, why not try designing a coffee bar space in your home. More and more people find it an elegant pleasure to make coffee at home, helping themselves to experience making their own coffee step by step carefully and carefully. This way, you can add a unique touch to a

Coffee tastes like beer, with smooth, creamy foam on top, why not? First appearing in 2005 and becoming popular since 2012, Nitro Coffee truly has been a popping-up trend among coffee lovers due to the interesting combination of cold brew and Nitrogen gas; from there, your cup of joe not only achieves a thicker texture but also a natural subtle sweetness, along with an ultra-fine bubble gas layer. And yet, it is

To get the best taste of caffeine, we have various ways to brew coffee: the traditional filter, modern dripping preparation, boiling in a kettle like the Turks, cold brew, or as subtle as Siphon. When everything goes beyond the need of simply drinking a cup of joe, coffee aficionados would prefer to have more unique and artful experiences of how coffee is made from an experiment-like gadget called Siphon pot. Along with

Espresso is known as the king of drinks made from coffee thanks to its charming pure bitter taste and passionate aroma. Compared to other regular coffees, espresso especially gives a quite complex flavor, which is strong, quite bitter, slightly tart like a lemon, and if you're doing it right, you can even feel the natural sweet aftertaste. This complexity in taste is also equal to how we make good espresso, not everyone