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The masterpiece drinks with Arabica coffee beans

Do you know, besides familiar names like Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha or Macchiato, with the creativity and love for Arabica, coffee lovers around the world have come up with various interesting recipes, creating different delicious drinks on the basis of this famous coffee bean, let’s discover them now!

Different masterpiece coffee drinks with Arabica bean

Affogato (Italy)

Affogato in Italian means “to immerse” – a word that accurately describes the image of this drink. It’s an interesting combination of a smooth vanilla ice cream, immersed in a smooth, rich espresso.

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Kaffeost (Finland)

Enjoy coffee with cheese? To the majority of the world’s inhabitants, this may seem strange, but to those living in the land of the white night, it is not. Kaffeost, or cheese coffee, is a popular drink in Finland, in which hot coffee is poured over Juustoleipä frozen cheese balls. Cheese is made from cow, goat or reindeer milk, which has the ability to evoke the smell of smoke and the aroma of fatty seeds in coffee.

Türk Kahvesi (Turkey)

Coffee is boiled in a copper cup creating a characteristic thick foam on the surface, the residue is not filtered but left to sink freely to the bottom of the cup. With this method, people never stir to avoid defrosting the foam and never add cream or milk to the drink. An interesting fun fact that you may not know, in the 15th century, Turkish coffee was not only a drink, but also a tool used for divination.

Einspänner (Austria)

The name Einspänner comes from the German word for a horse-drawn carriage that can be driven with one hand and holds a cup of coffee in the other. This is enough to show how much the Austrians value coffee. Even the “Viennese Café Culture” was recognized by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2011. The Einspänner contains 1-2 shots of strong espresso with whipped cream toppings acting as like insulation layer, helping the carriage driver can enjoy his favorite drink before it cools down.

Egg coffee (Vietnam)

An innovative and equally attractive egg coffee was born in the context of a milk shortage a few decades ago. With this recipe, people whisk eggs with a little milk and granulated sugar, then pour black coffee that has been heated into another cup to enjoy. The dark brown color of coffee blends with the egg yolk color to create a charming, greasy and sweet cup of coffee that pleases anyone when enjoying it.

Irish coffee (Ireland)

Perfect choice for cold weather, or the pouring rain in winter. This coffee-cocktail hybrid recipe subtly combines hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and toppings for a nuanced, taste-stimulating whole.

Qahwa (Saudi Arabia)

Similar to how Turkish coffee is made, but Qahwa in Arabic uses green coffee beans that are lightly roasted and coarsely ground. Additionally, this drink recipe also includes other spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose water. Qahwa coffee has a strong flavor, so it is often enjoyed with dry dates to reduce the bitterness and bitterness of the drink.

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Café De Olla (Mexico)

Café de Olla is commonly found in rural areas of Mexico where the climate is cold. Based on a traditional recipe, coffee is boiled with cinnamon and piloncillo (an unrefined form of cane sugar that smells like molasses). Then, to preserve the full coffee flavor, Mexicans serve this drink in clay cups.

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