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November 2022

Easy and quick to get a cup of the right Espresso flavor without the steps of grinding the beans, coffee capsules should be the perfect choice for offices or small families. What are Coffee Capsules? Coffee capsules are pre-roasted and finely ground coffee, then they will be compressed into small plastic capsules, with a height of about 4cm. Coffee capsules are easily produced for high-end coffee machines to create delicious Espresso cups. How to use

If you like the taste of cinnamon in your coffee, then Café de Olla is the drink for you. A cup of Café de Olla is brewed with a cinnamon stick in earthenware pots, giving the finished taste of little sweetness from the piloncillo mixed with the spiciness from cinnamon, and the bitterness from the coffee. Mexicans believe that the recipe will bring out a unique and wonderful coffee flavor. What is Cafe

Coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide. It is also one of the healthiest drinks because it is full of antioxidants, which promote alertness and cognitive function. Without milk and sugar, coffee itself is quite low in calories. For Specialty Coffee enthusiasts, they are familiar with the concepts of freshly ground coffee and pre-ground coffee. Still, do they really know which one is better than the other? If you’re having the same question,