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Scattered around India are travel cafes offering visitors a good background to rest and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a delicious quick meal before continuing their wanderlust. To help you narrow down the best names among thousands of coffee houses out there, here is the list of top cafes with a view to visit when traveling in India, where you can have traditional coffee or the country's authentic food and

Designing an attractive and impressive coffee shop is a great secret to helping one advertise the brand successfully. Most customers will want to return if they feel comfortable in the cafe's space. In fact, depending on the local's aesthetic taste or the designer's preferred style in each region, they will build cafes with their own unique style, which can be artistic spaces, minimalist modern masterpieces, or rustic style inspired by nature. The

The quirky and creative design is the best way to attract customers’ attention who are confused among hundreds of coffee shops in the same place. The style of a cafe is not only a reflection of the owner's personality but also an effective tool to help them build the brand, as well as to focus on the target customer segment. For example, women are likely to love light and romantic vintage-style cafes,

When retro cafes in Saigon appeared so quickly and densely, there was a thought that it was plainly a trend that would fade away over a certain period of time. Still, the antique spaces, simple wooden tables and stools, along with melodious music emanating from the old phonograph have made those addresses become a spiritual taste for those who love quietness and look for a reminiscence contrast to the current splendor of

Vietnam's coffee market has marked significantly on the international coffee map, of which the production of Robusta beans is also the second largest in the world, just behind Brazil. However, there is still another type of bean that is as delicious as Robusta (or even "more" to some coffeeholics) planted in a highland province around 100 years ago - that is Cau Dat Arabica coffee. The people in the land of Cau

Prominent in the Central tourist route, Hoi An Ancient Town appears as a rustic spot bringing tranquility and vintage vibes for visitors to slowly enjoy the authentic beauty of Vietnam countryside. These features even go in the cafes here, from street stalls to branding shops, all of which boast the finest ambiance blending East Asian designs with a bit of Western Europe. Not only that, their specialty coffee, which includes Italian espresso-based

Aside from the iconic streetside cafes with simple wooden or plastic tables and chairs where Saigonese often huddle for a quick cup of joe before heading to work, there are still quirky coffee shops offering cozy ambiance, stunning views overlooking city streets, creative decor, and good products, all of which are designed by artistic Vietnamese youth. If you are looking for such places as a cafe hopping and Instagrammable photography opt city

The booming appearance of hundreds of coffee shops in London today can make one confused at the idea of where to get a good cup of joe; still, these cafes do their jobs pretty well on satisfying all caffeine cravings beyond the usual city's coffee chains. Silky-smooth brews and Espresso-based drinks. Roasted and aged. Slow-dripped and ice-cold. Bold-British style or mixed-nation feature. All the best cafes in London we collect below will

While about 10 years ago, coffee was still something new to Land of the Rising Sun, now hundreds of new cafes bearing the bold character of the third wave coffee have strongly gotten into Japan's every corner, contributing to be the focal point to draw tourists. As Japanese is simple but dedicated, their coffee shops are cozy, close, and plain with amazing coffee types as well as excellent service. From drips to

Nothing could be better than spending the weekend morning at a sunny, cozy cafe sipping top-notch roasted coffee whilst watching locals chit-chat around. This kind of joy can be done easily where you live, but what if you're traveling? To find a perfect coffee shop in a completely new place might not be easy, especially when you want to have a caffeine fix as well as discover the pulse of a city