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The White Coffee that might make you confused with Flat White

Once created a trend among coffee enthusiasts, still, as the title mentioned, a lot of people get confused between White Coffee and Flat White Coffee. If you are picturing a style of black coffee mixed with condensed milk or fresh milk, that is Flat White. Meanwhile, White Coffee is not that thing; it actually refers to the beans that are roasted and ground differently to create a light-colored and less-bitter bean. This may come as a surprise, yet White Coffee’s existence has lasted longer than expected; and in this article, we will dig deeper into this type of bean.

What is White Coffee?

White Coffee is essentially a type of coffee roasted with a lower heat finish, typically 325⁰F, resulting in lighter colored coffee. The beans must also be ground using special commercial grinders. The ingredients for making white coffee are not much different from regular ones; mostly Robusta and Arabica beans. The biggest difference here is just the roasting method.

So, is it really white? Despite the name, it is not actually white. In fact, it features a lighter brown color than most other roasted coffees.

The origin

White Coffee is said to have appeared in Malaysia about 100 years ago. At this time, the people there realized that roasting coffee beans such as Liberica, Arabica, and Robusta at low temperatures will help them not only have a different color but also create a more delicious flavor, especially when served with a little condensed milk. After brewing, the coffee has a light beige color, less bitterness, and an extremely memorable scent.

The taste

The flavor of White Coffee is described as attractive, almost grassy, nutty, mildly sour, and less bitter. The fact that the bitterness is minimized is as the bean is roasted with a minimum time under lower temperature, helping its natural sugar in the beans not to be cameraized as well as retaining the original coffee flavor.

Caffeine in White Coffee is less than regular coffee?

It’s easy to think that as roasted faster, White Coffee will have less caffeine than regular coffee. This is an incorrect notion. The amount of caffeine is determined by altitude and cultivar. Roasting temperature and time have negligible effects on the issue. Therefore, White Coffee also has the same content of this substance as others.

What is the health benefit of White Coffee?

Chlorogenic acid present in White Coffee is the supreme thing that this drink brings to drinker’s health, which plays a natural antioxidant for body detoxification. In particular, if brewed as Espresso, it will yield a higher amount of Chlorogenic acid.

Best way to make White Coffee

With that said, White Coffee is suitable to be prepared in the form of Espresso instead of the usual drip filter. However, if you do not have a professional maker in hand, you can still make White Coffee in a traditional method. However, bear in mind not to brew for too long, and the most ideal ratio should be 16 water: 1 coffee.

Since it is not bitter like the regular cup of joe, you should only add a little sugar to feel the quintessential taste of White Coffee. Milk, cream, or other spice additions might make the coffee lose its original flavor.

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