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The unexpected uses of coffee grounds

Does coffee have a lot of health benefits? There are innumerable proofs of this. However, did you know that the coffee grounds after brewing still have other great effects? Do not hurry to throw away the grounds after making coffee, read the following article, and you will be quite surprised!

After distilling into pure juice when brewing, the coffee powder still retains the residue, which is usually dark. These coffee grounds’ color can vary depending on the type of coffee.

Is coffee grounds safe?

Many people will wonder if the use of coffee grounds is really safe or not. The answer is yes, provided you use them in the right circumstances. The composition of coffee grounds is benign, so it is absolutely safe for human health during direct contact and does not seem to cause any unwanted allergies.

Top uses of the coffee grounds

Use as deodorant

The use of coffee grounds in deodorizing is highly appreciated. This is also considered to be their most popular advantage. When placed in a certain place, the grounds will release methane gas, which helps eliminate odors effectively. To increase its benefit, people also dry the coffee grounds for 1 to 2 days in the sun.

You can apply this method to the refrigerator, shoe cabinet, or car. Normally, one bag of coffee grounds you can use for about 3-4 weeks. Then, continue to replace it with a new bag to bring the most effective deodorizing effect. In addition to deodorizing, the coffee grounds also help to limit the moldy situation.

Use as detergent

Besides the ability to deodorize, the composition of coffee grounds is quite abrasive, so they are also used in household cleaning. Their antibacterial properties can help to disinfect various items quickly, saving considerable time for women in housework. You can use coffee grounds to clean pots and pans to remove stubborn stains or just clean the kitchen.

It should be noted that do not scrub too hard with non-sticking pots and pans as it can reduce their use.

Use a cooking ingredient

The coffee grounds contain enzymes and natural acids that soften muscle fibers and proteins. You can use a little coffee grounds, and rub them on the meat before cooking to soften the meat. This method also enhances the taste of the dish after processing, making the dish richer and more harmonious.

Use to kill fleas for pets

The problem of pets with lice and fleas always causes many owners to worry. A tip that brings unexpected results in the treatment of pet lice is to brush the pet’s hair with coffee grounds continuously for a while. The fleas will be eliminated thoroughly.

Use to repel insects and pests for plants

Caffeine and diterpenes are two of many substances that inhibit pests and insects quite effectively. Accordingly, these two substances are the main components in coffee grounds. Taking advantage of this benefit, people also use them to sprinkle around the stumps or the land preparing to plant trees to remove insects and pests quickly.

Use as a natural fertilizer

Coffee grounds contain minerals such as protein, magnesium, potassium phosphorus with potassium (11.7 g/kg), magnesium (1.9 g/kg), and phosphorus (1.8 g/kg) that can be used to make fertilizer. People take them as a way to provide nutrients to the soil. In addition to acting as a fertilizer, coffee grounds also create nitrogen for the soil, making it more porous and moist.

Use to exfoliate the skin

Using coffee grounds exfoliates the skin extremely effectively. Thereby, your skin will be regenerated, gaining brightness, smoothness, and firmness. Just a certain amount of coffee residue, combined with benign natural essential oils or honey, to create a thick mixture. Then, apply this mixture to your skin, and massage gently in a circular motion to remove the dead skin. Maintain it for about 5 minutes, after that, wash your skin with warm water.

This method also helps to push out the dirt stuck deep in the pores, so that the pores are open, reducing the formation of acne on the skin.

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