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With the principle of pouring hot water over the coffee grounds in a filter, and the water filtering through the coffee falls into a pitcher or cup, it sounds Pour Over a simple manual coffee brewing method; still, is it really so? In fact, it requires quite careful preparation of incubation time, pouring technique, and extraction ratio; or more precisely, the baristas need to have high personal skills. Therefore, this makes Pour

Once created a trend among coffee enthusiasts, still, as the title mentioned, a lot of people get confused between White Coffee and Flat White Coffee. If you are picturing a style of black coffee mixed with condensed milk or fresh milk, that is Flat White. Meanwhile, White Coffee is not that thing; it actually refers to the beans that are roasted and ground differently to create a light-colored and less-bitter bean. This

Neapolitan coffee pot, also known as cuccuma or cuccumella, has become a cult in Italia, especially in Central and South of the country. This metal two-floor tool basically is a drip brew coffee maker using the gravity to steam water through coffee, resulting in rather transparent coffee with more pleasant flavor compared to Espresso and Mocha.Where did Neapolitan coffee pot come from?Let’s take a step back in time to 1819, when the

Made of only four ingredients easy to find at home and processed within a few minutes, Dalgona Coffee, with its brown frothy coffee layer that stands out on top of fragrant fresh milk, has become a homemade concoction trend sweeping various social media sites during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s how you decipher it and how to make yourself a cup of this attractive two-layer drink.The concept of Dalgona CoffeeDalgona Coffee, aka whipped

Existing for more than 80 years and considered the oldest coffee shop in the middle of prosperous Saigon, Cheo Leo entertains guests with coffee made from rackets and mini clay pots as an ancient Chinese brewing style. It is the special process that makes the cafe a must-visit place in the city. Sitting roadside on little stools with locals all around, while enjoying the authentic coffee and the buzz at the alley

Even though as a bustling city with numerous skyscrapers amidst lavish lights, Saigon has no shortage of old buildings from hundreds of years ago that keep precious memories of its own development journey. A few places have been degraded and razed to make way for new modern office buildings, while some are still in use and transformed with different shops and cafes. At a time when you need a lyrical, vintage space