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If you need a little caffeine in the morning but don't want to go to the coffee shop during a serious epidemic situation, why not try designing a coffee bar space in your home. More and more people find it an elegant pleasure to make coffee at home, helping themselves to experience making their own coffee step by step carefully and carefully. This way, you can add a unique touch to a

Built in Buon Ma Thuot - one of Vietnam's big coffee cities, The World Coffee Museum plays an even more vital role in presenting a lively museum displaying and storing things related to coffee culture. This is a product of Trung Nguyen Coffee Group that carries the great idea of a brand-new museum concept. That being said, the place features an open exhibition space where visitors can interact with their five senses

After the first cafe Régence opened in 1688 around the Palais-Royal area, and the Café Procope, operated one year later, on the left bank of the Seine river, the cafe culture quickly became an iconic part of Paris. Today, coffee shops are present all over the city and serve the customers with distinctive characteristics in such neighborhoods; for example, a place for students gathering, a place mainly for tourists, a place of

Italy has long been known for producing world-famous coffee drinks. Every cup of Italian coffee gives a rich, charming flavor, of which the most popular is Espresso - appeared since the 1930s and processed from pure Arabica beans or mixed Arabica with Robusta in the ratio of 60-40.A cup of black, smooth Espresso is not just simply for loading caffeine to the body, keeping the mind awake. For Italians, Espresso has such

Coffee tastes like beer, with smooth, creamy foam on top, why not? First appearing in 2005 and becoming popular since 2012, Nitro Coffee truly has been a popping-up trend among coffee lovers due to the interesting combination of cold brew and Nitrogen gas; from there, your cup of joe not only achieves a thicker texture but also a natural subtle sweetness, along with an ultra-fine bubble gas layer. And yet, it is

Scattered around India are travel cafes offering visitors a good background to rest and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a delicious quick meal before continuing their wanderlust. To help you narrow down the best names among thousands of coffee houses out there, here is the list of top cafes with a view to visit when traveling in India, where you can have traditional coffee or the country's authentic food and