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Even though as a bustling city with numerous skyscrapers amidst lavish lights, Saigon has no shortage of old buildings from hundreds of years ago that keep precious memories of its own development journey. A few places have been degraded and razed to make way for new modern office buildings, while some are still in use and transformed with different shops and cafes. At a time when you need a lyrical, vintage space

Have you ever pictured yourself paying for sitting at a coffee shop, doing nothing but looking at the forest trees or even yourself in a mirror? Now, everything can be true in South Korea. The cafe forms with the common point of chairs always towards the view of nature, instead of facing each other for guests to chat, seems to be increasingly spread gradually in the country. Not only Green Lab -

A fragrant, good cup of java is just what morning birds need to start their morning routine. The caffeine in coffee both keeps you energized and helps you avoid drowsiness or fatigue, thereby focusing more on work. Not only that, but coffee also has the ability to reduce the risk of some heart-related diseases and diabetes. However, it doesn't mean the more coffee you consume, the better you will get. There are

Along with watching the coffee slowly drop to the glass jar below and enjoying the freshly-extracted delicate flavor, Siphon goes beyond the need of simply making a clean cup of joe but becomes an artful experiment. In Japan, Siphon coffee brewing is brought to a high level of art with creativity in mixing and measuring ingredients. Americans have also been so fascinated with the Siphon gadget that they even created their own

Paris has more than 1500 cafes and restaurants, from popular to luxurious in well-known tourist areas, such as Champs Elysee, Opéra, Grands Boulevards, Saint-Michel. Still, the most symbolic style to spot here is Terrasses de cafe - also known as sidewalk coffee shops that serve as a city's hub of social and culinary life. Parisians are inherently slow-paced - they like to comfortably sit there reading morning newspapers, sipping a cup of

No electricity or batteries needed, just one manual push on the giant cylinder with the filter in the drain, and we'll have a good homemade one-off cup of coffee just within 30 seconds. All thanks to Aeropress! Invented in 2005, later than other brewing methods, but Aeropress soon became one of the inspiring artisan coffee icons in the world. The tool is also popular for travelers or busy officers because of its